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Planet Earth
Can Fish Say “Cheese”?
Planet Earth
Teen, Adult
Manipulative Kits
Dressed to Hula
Manipulative Kits
Children (4-8yrs)

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Hulopo'e Beach Park & Marine Preserve | Keomoku Village | Luahiwa Petroglyphs | Poaiwa Petroglyphs | Polihua Beach | More...

Activities while visiting Hulopo'e Beach Park & Marine Preserve
Lay of the Land
Star Gazing
Lay of the Land
Hulopo'e Beach Park & Marine Preserve
Pre-teen (9-12yrs)
During your vacation on Lanai you will probably be staying at a nice hotel every night. For a change of pace, why not spend a night on the beach? At Hulopo’e Beach you can stay at a campsite overnight and rent a tent. It’s a completely different way to experience Hawaii. While you’re on the beach at night, take some time to study the sky and see if you can identify any constellations. The small population on the island, and the isolation of the beach, make it a great spot for watching the stars. With hardly any electric lighting around, the stars look much brighter than they do in a big city. In this activity, you will learn how to spot the constellations and draw their shapes so that you can learn the myths and stories behind them. more...